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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kindle, Late, by Candlelight

I know this must strain the credulity of my younger readers, but I vividly recall a time when there was no internet, when telephones stayed in one place, when television consisted of one, maybe two snowy channels, when even electricity was not always a given out in the countryside. I remember a time when grownups kept in touch by way of things called letters, which were written in ink on paper, without spellcheck programs. I remember when children played outside the house, without any electronic equipment whatsoever, in an environment known as “reality”.

But today in North America or Europe these services are considered as essential as food, air, and water. One grows accustomed to their availability anywhere and everywhere. In the days of my youth, if we saw people walking alone down the street, laughing and shouting and carrying on a conversation, we would assume they were crazy. Today, we conclude that they are talking to a friend by way of an earpiece. Sometimes I’m not so sure they’re not crazy too.

Back in, ahem, civilization I would smile to see people tapping away on laptop computers while frying their bodies at the beach, or chatting with friends on their cells even as they climbed some mountain – presumably to “get away from it all”. Most amusing of all was hearing someone in the supermarket on the phone to the folks back home: “Do we need eggs? Well, what about milk?” Who needs a memory when we have electronics?

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1 comment:

  1. At 45, I also didn't have computers, iPhone etc growing up. People right next to each other worry more about texting those not present, than having a real conversation with the person right there!

    It's amazing how much joy one can have just living simply, giving to others.