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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Preparing the Children

The so-called “developed” countries of North America, Europe, and eastern Asia are well supplied with technology, but little humanity. Costs are high and rising, but so too is unemployment. The opportunity to buy is manifold, but the opportunity to live is shrinking. In those countries I don’t see the sons running to help their fathers, the daughters their mothers; as a result, the young generation is not learning basic survival skills, nor even in reading or writing or singing. Like their parents, they are interested rather and only in (what passes for) music and video games, measuring their lives in terms of the intensity of pleasure they can accrue during every nanosecond.

And, when their economy falls apart, when their civilization destroys itself, when the infrastructure around them crashes, when there are no stores to buy things in and no jobs to acquire the money to pay for them, what then? How will they survive?

In those “developed” countries the social networks have been systematically broken – government and commerce have taken over the role of parents, teaching, counselling, admonishing, and all for the clear purpose of creating little workers/consumers. It is the ultimate dependency culture. From when they are little they are hooked on the drugs of dextrose, fried starches, lipids, grains, chocolate, and grain products. As they get older, electronic toys, emptyheaded music, and the internet are added to the mix, along with coffee, alcohol, and tobacco, then on to the other stuff – all dependencies that create a profit for Big Business.

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  1. Thanks for these views and comments.

    Treating ourself as a object out of blindness and addiction ruins choice and self-awareness in a downward spiral. I was looking at a bow hunting mag at the barber shop and was surprized to see an author telling hunters to go to Africa because it would be good for them.

    Avoiding "hardening of the categories" is liberating - it can expand one's view and help to see a different way to be in the world. Drinking a cola beverage from the store does not help to become part of the so called modern world.

    I sum it up by saving free your mind and your ass will follow. god did not write a book...

  2. Thank you for your comments, Meta-Learner! You touch on a big part of why I am so happy to live here - it often seemed to me, in both the United States and France, to be about "us" versus "them" - whoever your particular "us" and "them" might be. Here, people don't seem to separate as much - there's much more fluidity and pleasantness across the lines than I've experienced elsewhere.