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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where It Goes From Here

Do you love good photography?
Do you enjoy exciting true adventure?
Do you love armchair travelling?
Have you ever thought about telling them where to shove it and moving to a strange new world?

If so, then here is the book for you!

(And, if it isn't, I have eleven novels, three story collections, a poetry collection, and two other nonfiction books available. Something's bound to interest you!)

Several hundred people around the world have been regularly reading this blog. It has served as a rough draft for a book that is now in publication!

The text is considerably built up from what appears in this blog, and it includes some concluding chapters that do NOT appear in the blog. So even faithful readers of the blog have lots more to read. Plus, the Deluxe Edition has a huge selection of beautifully reproduced photographs.

People who have been following my adventures in Panamá have asked me, "Where does it go from here?"

My plan is not to conclude this blog, but to continue posting here from time to time about my further adventures - and, who knows? - perhaps some day there will be a sequel to this book! I invite reader feedback on this (or any) matter.

The book is available in three formats:

HARDCOVER (large-size edition, photographs on nearly every page)
SOFTCOVER (large-size edition, photographs on nearly every page)
SOFTCOVER (smaller size edition, no interior photographs)
E-BOOK (all versions available, including Kindle and Nook, no photographs)

To browse or order, CLICK HERE!

The book is also available through Amazon (USA, Great Britain, and continental Europe) and other major book retailers.


  1. Nice posting...Thanks for sharing...


  2. Thank you, Delima! The book is in print. I'm now very involved in my current project, which is translating from the original Greek the Gospel of John - but restoring the original version of the gospel, from before it was heavily redacted by leaders of the "organized religion" to make it conform to their new creed and dogma. If you or anyone is interested, this will be coming out within a month from the same publisher and will be listed at -

  3. Hello, Francene! What a pleasure to hear from a friend who is also such a fine novelist! Life is wonderful here in Panama, and I hope yours is too. My latest project, the Gospel of John (see my note above), is about two weeks away from the printing press, so we're pretty excited here! It's been 35 years finishing this one! If anyone reading this is interested in learning more about it, go to